Hi, welcome to La maison de Sophie.

La maison de Sophie is a new conceptstore that soon will open in the centre of Amsterdam. One of my greatest dreams from when I was little was to someday have my own shop, where I could create a lovely and cosy atmosphere and people can find beautiful clothes, furniture, accessories, music and delicious drinks&food. And finally... this dream is coming true. I am the happiest girl in the world right now.

Stay tuned...


Who am I? 

I am Sophie (1983), live in Amsterdam and work in fashion. Although I live here for a couple of years now, the city keeps surprising me. I'm falling in love with it over and over again. My favourite thing to do is to put on my sneakers, get a good coffee-to-go and just walk around and explore the city.

Habbits & addictions

I'd like to think I am pretty normal, but here are my best kept secrets:

- I have an obsession for little notebooks.. If I see one, I buy it. But I don't really use them. Well, actually, i don't use them. Ever.

- The same is for books. I have an impressive tower of books on my nightstand and on the table next to the couch, but again... I don't read them.
- I talk to my cats. All the time. And I am pretty sure they exactly understand what I'm saying.
- I always have a Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough cup in my fridge. Okay, maybe 2. Or 3.
- I can not resist anything leopard printed.
- Also, I love all interior accessories that are animal-shaped: butterflies, cats, turtles, dragonflies, alligators, owls.... I have a little zoo at home.
- I just love a good pair of heels. But I almost never wear them. I always choose comfort.
- Which brings me to the last one: I decided that 2015 will be the year I will dress more lady-like.


Amsterdam has stolen my heart for the rest of my life. But I also love to travel and explore new places. On this blog you will also find the beautiful places I discovered on my small and big journeys.
I wish you a lot of fun browsing through my blog.

If you have any suggestions, requests, questions or if you want to contact me about advertising/publicity you can email me on lamaisondesophie.amsterdam@gmail.com

With love, Sophie

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